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Just getting ready for Halloween by doing some art. It’s never too early to get ready for Halloween! Here is Keeta on her flying broom, dressed up as some sort of candy-witch. In spirit of the holiday, I thought I would upload a speed-paint for the first time so you guys can see how many times I contradict myself… every piece of art is a session of trial and error. Hope you enjoy! 

Here are links to the broom end and background seen in video.

Song playing is Ghostbusters (Kill Paris Remix) [Future Funk]

I keep going to the river to pray
'Cause I need something that can wash all the pain
And at most I’m sleeping all these demons away
But your ghost, the ghost of you - It keeps me awake.

Lyrics from Ella Henderson’s - Ghost

Messing around with line-art and and a straightener tool I just got (sweet Jesus, it’s SO nice). The original plan was to just do an OC concept (which I’ll probably never use again) but I ended up feeling conflicted since I saw potential for some Wakfu fan-art.

I ended up doing both. 

Is it lazy? Probably. Just deal with it.

I think I need to stop doing what I’m doing…







I have a headcanon where Foxy is actually on terrible terms with Freddy’s crew, and he caused the Bite of 87 out of paranoia and jealousy (over Freddy & Friends popularity in comparison to his sideshow performance). Because this prevented them from roaming around freely during the day, they tore up Foxy during the night shift. He doesn’t leave the Cove out of disdain for Freddy & Friends, and they just leave him be. 

The reason he attacks the security gaurd is because he doesn’t like to be looked at (because he thinks you’re mocking him, and his tattered appearance), yet if you leave him alone for too long he gets lonely and takes it out on the player.

… Why do I like this character so much? …

Guys seriously the difference in color ranges from obvious to minor and it depends on which picture you’re looking at. On that note, there are clearly color differences between the two prints besides John’s skin color - look at the blue on the hammer. The shirt version doesn’t appear to be as vivid as the original print, and you can see that on quite a few of the pictures. If Hot Topic gets enough blow-back maybe we could see a color correction in the future. I wouldn’t expect any changes though, as they probably have enough money to do whatever they want.

In my opinion, I highly doubt that the color change was intentional (at least on part of Hot Topic as a whole) as they would be putting themselves at risk for literally no reason. It’s like people just assume that this was completely 100% intentional without any inside knowledge about the situation. It would be so easy for this to slip past anybody doing quality control. 

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