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Guys seriously the difference in color ranges from obvious to minor and it depends on which picture you’re looking at. On that note, there are clearly color differences between the two prints besides John’s skin color - look at the blue on the hammer. The shirt version doesn’t appear to be as vivid as the original print, and you can see that on quite a few of the pictures. If Hot Topic gets enough blow-back maybe we could see a color correction in the future. I wouldn’t expect any changes though, as they probably have enough money to do whatever they want.

In my opinion, I highly doubt that the color change was intentional (at least on part of Hot Topic as a whole) as they would be putting themselves at risk for literally no reason. It’s like people just assume that this was completely 100% intentional without any inside knowledge about the situation. It would be so easy for this to slip past anybody doing quality control. 


Anonymous asked:

HI, I happened across your Bittersweet Candy Bowl comic accompanied by No Light, No Light, and it was wonderful. ^_^ I thought that, if maybe you ever decided to do another one, Still Here by Digital Daggers would be AMAZING for Lucy. I'd love to see you do something with that. Have a good one, dear! :)

Thank you. I’ll be sure to listen to the song and keep note of it. :)

I don’t like to get into debates, especially about topics that are popular on Tumblr. The reason for that is primarily because people like to use it as an excuse to be hateful, which (most likely) isn’t going to help anyone. Sometimes I do like to state an opinion or two for the sake of expressing my feelings, and it’s not ever meant to be malicious. Take it as you will, but this is just my two cents on feminism. 

Note: The reason I included the wage gab bit is because of it’s controversial nature. If you ask three people if the wage gap is real, one might not give a damn, the second will tell you it’s a fact, and the third will tell you it’s complete BS. I don’t know everything, and the internet can lie. Decide for yourself what you want to believe. (I’m not going to clarify my beliefs on that.)

Note 2: Sorry to anyone offended by the religious bit. I hate to say it, but people DO use religion as an excuse to be unreasonably hateful, and people DO often get offended if you tell them they’re going to hell. It really depends on what exactly you say, who you say it to, and your reason for saying it. The idea that religion (or feminism) are neither fundamentally bad things is… kind of my point here.

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