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This one kind of reminds me of that old Lisa Frank brand… Also, there really isn’t an explanation here. Was listening to “Drops of Jupiter” and this is what happened. All and all it’s kind of absurd, but I like the hair and checkers. Couldn’t find the background image source, but it was from searching “falling stars” on Google images. Has a little signature that looks like “Gain” or something. 

P.S. Its a bit different from the proportional style. I actually wanted the itty-bitty body… looks more alien… and it’s cute.

Not really sure about my feelings on this one. Tried out a few new things, and I winded up really liking the hair-piece. It’s not a totally original Idea, I saw something similar in a manga and I decided to try and use it.

In the end, although it isn’t one of my favorites, It ended up looking pretty nice for the amount of time I spent on it… Upload worthy at least. 

Things to remember in real life and on the internet that can make you less of an asshole or help make your life less hectic. 

1: If it doesn’t violate anyone’s basic rights (and it’s legal), you shouldn’t interfere with it. 

  • Someone else’s life decisions, choices in apparel, sexual preference, and religion (or lack of it) are things that people absolutely love to interfere with, but shouldn’t. It’s okay to have opinions about any of the above and it’s even okay to share them (though you’ll be setting yourself up for criticism). The trick here, however, is to avoid forcing your opinion on someone who doesn’t want to listen. That’s all there is to it.

2: If you feel like you have to impress someone to be their friend, it isn’t worth it.

  • Some people think that if they’re nice enough or they work hard enough, they can become friends with anyone. This just isn’t true, and It’s not because you’re doing something wrong. Some people just aren’t made to get along with one another (this doesn’t mean you can’t have a professional relationship). There are plenty of people out there who can relate to you, don’t spend your time trying to make something from nothing. 

3: When making decisions, never fail to take other people into consideration.

  • Sometimes people forget that their decisions can effect others, especially in conversation. Always ask yourself if your decision would effect someone else negatively, and if so, it’s normally a bad idea. Sometimes you must make decisions at the expense of others, but when the time comes, just make sure it’s worth it. 

I feel like the majority of these tips should be obvious, but sometimes we forget when things get heated. This is to serve as a friendly reminder that although you can’t control how other people will treat you, you can always avoid being the cause of the problem.

Take another little hit,
And after that you’ll quit.
The devil’s on your shoulder, he’s screamin for more.

You’re a liability.
You’re bursting at the seams.
You’re playing with your matches and gasoline.

( Lyrics from Matches + Gasoline by Modern Ritual )

This drawing of an Aurin I did awhile back is actually an excuse to post what I’m about to say below  

The main topic here is that I’m an idiot, and I’m posting this to notify anyone who may have sent me an ask that I’ve only just read them today. It’s really too late to actually do anything about the mail I’ve already received, but I’ll make sure to check for new notifications from now on. 

P.S. I wont always answer my mail, but I’ll try to read it. If it’s something really important, I’ll reply as soon as I see it. Thank you.

Winter is here and with it comes cold weather, warm beverages, and warm cuddly blankets! Wishing you the best - Candra.  ( Yes, it’s my OC again. )

Afternote: The background image, earrings, semitransparent dress pattern, and the necklace snowflake are all scrounged from winter related Google searches.  Half of it is because I’m lazy and the other half is because I like the way it looks. I think Images of real or realistic items works pretty well with my cartooney art style. I think so anyway. 

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